How it all began ...

Morgan Valley Farm was founded by Lori Marino-Beasley in 1995. Located in southeast Michigan, you can find us right outside of Tecumseh, Michigan. The farm is situated on 21 lush and wooded acres with a variety of pastures and riding spaces. Housing nearly 40 equines, many call Morgan Valley Farm home for their horse!


New Beginnings...

In 2021, the farm was purchased by Shawn and Alicia Mitchell. Recognizing the sense of family, excellent service, and care that the Beasley’s have nurtured over the last 26 years, it is their desire to honor their legacy and offer the farm their skills, hard work, and dedication to grow what has made Morgan Valley Farm so special for many years to come.

Our 60' X 120' indoor arena has three wings of horse box stalls attached, that contain the beloved Morgan Valley equines. Also attached to the indoor arena is a heated observation room where visitors can observe riders in action, or host special occasions and meetings

We can't wait to meet you - schedule a visit to come out and enjoy our farm! 


​Shawn is a native of Montana where he first learned to ride horses on cattle ranches at round ups and brandings. He is a Mechanical Engineer, Purchasing Manager and has an MBA. He is also a graduate of King’s Point, a retired Naval officer and former Merchant Mariner. Shawn is an avid BMW motorcycle rider and has road-tripped all over the country. He has also extensively traveled all over the world, lived in Denmark for two years, and lived in India for four years. Shawn loves to cook ranging from incredible campfire dutch oven meals, to tasty southwest breakfast tacos, to the most heavenly bread. When he isn’t working for Woodsage in Holland, OH he is excited to care for the farm and host his infamous campfires in this beautiful setting.

Meet the Mitchell's


Alicia (aka Alise) is a Toledo, OH native where she studied two years of vocational marketing. At ages 15 and 18, she worked at Camp Miakonda in Toledo where she began as a camp counselor and returned as their Nature Director. She is an event planner, non-profit operations coordinator, publication designer, and has worked for the likes of Owens Corning and Libby Glass in administrative, payroll and accounting. She worked for a year and a half at a veterinary clinic in Sunnyvale, CA and has had recreational experience with horses. Alicia is currently studying permaculture design and agribusiness. She is also a certified Yoga instructor, owner of Fit To Ride for motorcyclists, and is developing Discover Sequoia Adventure Club to encourage all to find their True North through self discovery, learning new skills, and forming lasting relationships. She loves the outdoors, running, gardening, cooking, the arts, music, people, and is now officially in love with Morgan Valley Farm’s horses (sorry, Shawn). Alicia is thrilled to be full-time at the farm, which is now the heartbeat of all her ventures.


Alex is soon to be 19 years old and was born in San Jose, CA. Alex is a college student studying applied technology. He plays trombone and has served in leadership roles through his Boy Scout troop and church youth group. He lives part-time in Sylvania, OH as he works for Amazon, but will be at the farm on his off-time.


Aiden is soon to be 17 years old, was born in Sylvania, OH and will be a senior at Northview High School in Sylvania this upcoming school year. Aiden plays clarinet, dabbles with the piano, guitar, fiddle - whatever instrument he can get his hands on - and loves to compose music electronically. He is an artist and loves constructing things. His latest venture is costume making. Aiden works at Sautter’s Market in Sylvania, OH in the produce department. He is always up for adventure whether it is trying new foods or exploring new sleeping in a horse feeding trough in a barn a few summers back because he didn’t want to leave the animals. Needless to say, he is eager to be involved with the farm.

Avery is 14 years old and was born in Glendale, AZ. Avery plays percussion and will be in the Marching Band during his upcoming Freshman year at Southview High School in Sylvania, OH. He is an honor student, budding chef, and artist. He is active in his church youth group and loves to try new things and explore new places. Avery is really excited to make new friends at the farm, learn to care for the horses, help out wherever he can, and learn to ride.


Annelise is 11 years old and was born in Scottsdale, AZ. Annelise will be learning to play the flute during her first year in middle school next year at Timberstone Jr High in Sylvania, OH. She is an artist, loves making new friends, trying new things, and possesses a true adventure spirit. She is ecstatic to live at the farm, make new friends, and learn everything there is to know and do with horses.


Levi is 19 years old and was born in Kazakhstan, Russia. He was adopted into the Mitchell family at the age of a year old. Levi lives in Delaware, OH and loves to work on his car - or anything that needs (or has the slight possibility of needing) repairs or improvements. He taught himself to play the piano and is a quick learner in just about everything he takes on. He has volunteered at a horse rescue in New Mexico in the past.


Jessa is 21 years old and was born in Peoria, IL. She is studying at The Ohio State University (I apologize to all Michigan fans it wasn’t my call). She is an avid reader, witty, and a great storyteller.